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Sydney Mudilasring is a playgroup for the youngest members of the Estonian community in Sydney area. The playgroup meets every two weeks at the Sydney Estonian House where the children, and their parents, sing Estonian children’s songs, dance, read books and do crafts. Couple of times a year the playgroup meets outside Estonian house to visit Sydney Opera House event, wildlife park or some other fun activity.
The children of the playgroup also perform at several events at the Sydney Estonian House, such as Mother’s Day celebration, (Re-)Independence Day etc.
Sydney Mudilasring has about 15 active families who attend the playgroup activities all around the year.
Since 2022 Sydney Mudilasring has an intergenerational play program with the aim of connecting the younger and older generations of Estonians in Sydney. The children have visited the Estonian Village in Thirlmere and a couple of meetings have taken place at the Estonian House.
Sydney Mudilasring is run by Elen Ellervee with a help of Seila Kastein and Merike Viigisalu.

Palun anna enda osalemisest teada aadressile mudilasring@eesti.org.au

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