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retro-kino! seeks to showcase Estonian feature films made between 1914-1991 will be showcased alongside a related short with some additional context and commentary about each film.

retro-kino! in August will be screening:

  • Karujaht Pärnumaal / Bear Hunt in Pärnu (1914)
  • Kaleidoskoop / Kaleidoscope (2014)
  • Hullumeelsus / Madness (1969)

Karujaht Pärnumaal / Bear Hunt in Pärnu directed by Johannes Pääsuke in 1914, was for a long considered the first Estonian narrative film prior to the discovery and restoration of Laenatud naene (1912). A political satire and slaptick short film, it allegorically addresses an election battle between Estonians and Baltic Germans in the city of Pärnu. Depicts the local townspeople of Pärnu go on the hunt for a bear that is reported to be mauling people in nearby forests.

Kaleidoskoop / Kaleidoscope directed by Kairi Kivirähk, is a short film directed in 2014. The film asks the question are our thoughts reality? If our imagination misaligns with what’s happening around us, do we have two realities or does one become the other? There are memories we don’t remember, but someone has told them to them, and the pictures of the stories are as vivid as if we remembered them.

Hullumeelsus / Madness directed by Kaljo Kiisk, is a tragicomedy that was banned from screening in the Soviet Union for 20 years. Set in a “nameless” country occupied by an oppressive German army at the time of World War II, the tragicomedy takes place in a mental hospital. Men ruled by the totalitarian regime reach the point where madness and normality hopelessly intermingle. Opening with a squad of Gestapo soldiers approaching the patients for a “walk in the forest” – but are halted by Officer Windisch, altering that an enemy British spy is hiding amongst the 583 patients. On his journey to find the spy we follow Windisch’s descent and spiral into madness. Please note this film does use outdated and incorrect terminology regarding mental health.

Doors will open at 5:00pm with the short film screened first around 5:30pm. A brief intermission will be held between, where people can go to the bar and purchase drinks and Estonian-style toasties. The feature film will then be played afterwards. Entry to Eesti Maja for Kino! is $10 for Sydney Eesti Selts members and $15 for non-members, with money going directly back into the community to help support and run future events.

Please email lachlan.bell@eesti.org.au for any enquiries or film suggestions for Kino movie nights and stay posted for updates on which films are coming up! Click here to view the Kino! Facebook page for upcoming movie information.

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