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Admission: Free!
Doors open: 5:00pm
Film starts: 5:30 pm
Language: English and Estonian with English subtitles​
Address: 141 Campbell St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Note: Parking is free on Sundays around Reservoir St, Samuel St and Goodchap Street.

Battle the cold and join us on July 7th at Sydney Eesti Maja for a cozy movie night featuring two special Sydney-made films exploring ethnic rivalries, in-fighting and the age old debate, which is the superior bread, white or black? And a double-feature of Juhan Lübek, what’s more to say?

💐Our first short makes it’s world-premiere made by 18-year old me! Titled “Emadepäev / Mother’s Day” (2016), the one-room chamber piece bringing together Jüri (Juhan Lübek), Alvar (Kieran Scott) and iconic Ema (Malle Lehtsalu) around the külmlaud. Bring your mother and share in some family trauma bonding. Born as a Major Work for HSC English Extension 2, this film has never been shown to a public audience before, so be prepared for some teenage anxiety and ‘deep’ commentary on the politics of family.

🍞 Our second film “Kannikas kannika vastu / Bread vs. Bread” (1978), makes it’s remastered debut 46 years from it’s first screening on the 27th December 1978 at Paddington Town Hall. Directed by Olev Salasoo and conceptualised by Olev Muska, Lembit Suur, Juhan Lübek, Olev Salasoo, Lembit Salasoo, Sulev Kalamäe and Harald Mirlieb in the sauna.
Remastered, translated and subtitled for new audiences, this rare piece of extant media is a snapshot of the Sydney-Estonian youth antics and tomfoolery. Imagine ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘The Godfather’ meets ‘Spy vs. Spy’.

A film about the breadwinners and loaf losers, the 50min film examines the politics of identity, affiliation and taste (literally). Featuring a stellar cast of familiar names too long to list, the story tells the tale of an Estonian population divided and torn asunder. The two big pigs of the baking scene, Anton Sähk Tõrv and Peeter Andrus Piig, settle their disputes through petty gang warfare and tit for tats à la ‘Spy vs. Spy’. A tale of revenge, plotting, love and an equal amount of both violence and vulgarity, this film is definitely not for children. Please note that there are some graphic scenes depicting both physical and sexual violence.
As part of this special screening, there is a mandatory dress code for atendees! The theme is ’Black vs. White’. The rules are simple, no other colours are allowed, only white or black dress. Anyone not to dress code must pay $5 to enter. Show your inventiveness, allegiance and affiliation – Bonegilla vs. Bathurst, the ultimate showdown. There will be a prize for best dressed judged by a panel of Lachlan Bell, Mai Bell and a surprise guest judge.
Same as always, doors open at 5pm, film starts at 5:30 🎞️
We’ll be serving up classic ‘estoasties’ in black and white bread of course!
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