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kino! film night at Estonian House is run on the first Sunday of every month, screening contemporary short films and feature films that have come from Estonian since 1991. A related short with some additional context and commentary about each film.

kino! in August will be screening:

  • Kolm Päeva Augustis / Three August Days (2018)
  • Eesti Matus / Estonian Funeral (2021)

Kolm Päeva Augustis / Three August Days directed by Madli Lääne, is a coming-of-age film following a complicated friendship between an Estonian girl Eva and a Russian boy Kir during the fall of Communism and the rise of Capitalism in the Soviet Union. The short has won a litany of awards for Best Short Film, Best Children’s Film, Best International Film, Female Director and more across the short film circuit.

Eesti Matus / Estonian Funeral  directed by Rene Vilbre, is based on one of the longest running plays in Estonian theatre, “Eesti matus“ by Andrus Kivirähk. A comedy full of hilarious characters and unexpected situations where the Estonian national-conservative view of the world clashes with more liberal European values of the younger generation.

At the funeral, a colorful company of friends, family and neighbours have gathered and, as it is characteristic for Estonians, the sad event turns into a row of comic incidents and hot-tempered altercations. Fundamental questions come up, unavoidably. Who has worked the hardest? Who is more of an Estonian, the ones living in the city or the ones slaving away in the fields? Whose ancestors suffered more under the Soviet rules? As things escalate, fueled by loads of vodka, the strange circus creates an insurmountable gap between the young lovers.

Doors will open at 5:00pm with the short film screened first around 5:30pm. A brief intermission will be held between, where people can go to the bar and purchase drinks and Estonian-style toasties. The feature film will then be played afterwards. Entry to Eesti Maja for Kino! is $10 for Sydney Eesti Selts members and $15 for non-members, with money going directly back into the community to help support and run future events.

Please email lachlan.bell@eesti.org.au for any enquiries or film suggestions for Kino movie nights and stay posted for updates on which films are coming up! Click here to view the Kino! Facebook page for upcoming movie information.

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