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The Estonian Children’s Playgroup in Sydney (Sydney Mudilasring) is calling all the small and big Estonians to play together at the Sydney Estonian House on Thursday, October 20 at 10.30am.
We are seeking to bring together children and older people of the Estonian community in Sydney within an intergenerational play program. Through simple activities like singing Estonian children’s songs, doing crafts, reading books and sharing stories we are hoping to connect the younger and older generations of Estonians in Sydney to spread joy, learn from each other and promote Estonian language and culture.


Many Estonian children in Sydney are far from their grandparents and, therefore, missing out on that special relationship. The program will give the children an opportunity to connect increase understanding between generations while providing a chance to speak Estonian, share stories, and experience culture through the eyes of both generations.


More play days are planned in the future at the Estonian House however, we understand that for many elderly people it might be difficult to travel/commute. Therefore, we would also like to visit nursing homes or in their own homes. If you are interested or know someone who would be happy to have someone visit them, please let us know by emailing mudilasring@eesti.org.au – or call 0406558451 (Merka Viigisalu) or 0405661236(Seila Kastein).

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