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Melbourne’s 28th Estonian Festival

The Eesti Päevad 2022 organising committee warmly invites you to attend the XXVIII Estonian Festival in Melbourne, Australia. A number of everyone’s favourite events, old and new, have been included to engage the interest of all Estonians and those with ties to Estonia, rekindling and strengthening friendships and celebrating all things Estonian!

The festival will take place during Easter 2022 and offer a variety of events over four days, starting with a Forest fest on Friday, 15th April and wrapping up with folk performances on Monday, 18th April. With a whole of community approach, the Eesti Päevad festival is aiming to engage young and old generations of Estonians in Australia and invites anyone who is connected to or interested in the Estonian people, culture, language or arts to join the festivities. The program is divided into four themed days: Forest day, Culture day, Party day and Folk day. Each day includes activities and events that remind Estonians of their background and roots and offer visitors a little taste of Estonian culture and history.

Come along with family and let’s enjoy a memorable time together!

INSTAGRAM: @eestipaevad2022
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